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Let Them Learn | at Simple As That

If you’re the mom brushing back tears at school drop-off this year, this post is for you! 


Last weekend, my husband took our five- and seven-year-old boys on a hike while our toddler and I stayed behind. To my amazement, the boys hiked TEN miles with 2,000 feet in elevation gain, landing them at 10,000 feet in the sky.

But what they did doesn’t matter to me nearly as much as what it meant for them.

The moment they walked back through our door—with tired feet and blackened hands—I could see the pride BURSTING from their eyes. They ducked their heads in barely veiled modesty and collapsed into my arms, and they told me that they can do HARD things. 

I’m not sure we would have pulled it off if I had been on that hike. In fact, I’m almost sure we wouldn’t have. My mama heart would have wanted to turn around when I saw them struggling.

But on Saturday, as their dad handed them fruit snack after fruit snack to keep their energy up and took plenty of breaks with them in the shade, they climbed farther than they ever thought they could.

On Saturday, they learned what they’ve got inside of them. 

And on Monday, they marched back into “the world” (a.k.a. school) carrying that gift with them.


To see what I, as a mom, learned from my boys’ experience, please come join me at Simple As That! I really love this post, so I hope you’ll take a moment to visit. Thank you!

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Home Progress #2!


We’ve been in our townhome since the start of this year, and we’re loving it as much as ever! I’m so grateful for the previous seven years we spent in a small, minimally updated 1970s condo, because it makes me SO VERY HAPPY to be where we are now.

You may remember that we didn’t bring much with us from that condo, which has meant a true fresh start. Since my last update, we got curtains! I think they add the pattern & texture that this room really needed.




The boys’ room is coming together! I think it’s a great space for them to call their own, with a place to hang their artwork and wall-hanging ledges to stash their most-loved books.


Oh hey, we got a bed!

I have further dreams for this room that involve properly framed windows and a shiplap wall, plus these sconces above the bed… But for now we’re good!


Besides, all I really need are these people. :)



For any fellow house lovers who might like to get caught up, here’s the rest of our home’s story:

The announcement
First peeks
Home progress #1

Thanks for joining me on the ride!


What I Wish I’d Mastered as a New Mom | On the Deseret News

If you’re in the trenches of motherhood and are completely in the dark about how to increase your life satisfaction, this is for you.  There were days when I lived to put the kids down and then could do nothing more than curl up in bed with my good friends Pillow and Netflix. Years, in fact. I started my days tired…

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A Time We’ll Never Get Back

Most of the time, she is a far cry from the tiny person I met when the nurses first set her in my arms. She cruises on a balance bike like she is a Boss. She elbows her way into her brothers’ wrestling matches and wields big eyes and a soft voice—her most powerful tools—like an old pro. She can go from sweet…



Ryan and I had THE MOST FABULOUS week in Acapulco this summer. It was our first time leaving the country together and our first time leaving the kids for more than a night. Oh and it was heaven. We did three nights with the wedding party. (The Mister nailed his duties as officiant. He delivered a super touching ceremony. Dare…