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Ryan and I had THE MOST FABULOUS week in Acapulco this summer. It was our first time leaving the country together and our first time leaving the kids for more than a night.

Oh and it was heaven.

We did three nights with the wedding party. (The Mister nailed his duties as officiant. He delivered a super touching ceremony. Dare I say it even rivaled Joey’s??) Then we spent three nights on our own.

I loved that we covered the entire Acapulco Bay and really felt like we got a feeling for the place. As we learned while we were there, Acapulco is Mexico’s beach. It’s five hours from Mexico City and does mostly domestic tourism. The Americans go to Cancuun or Cobo. All of the taxi drivers told us to go home and send our friends to Acapulco, so…go!

I am OBSESSED with the hotel we stayed in, Encanto. It was new, designed by a distinguished modern architect, and tucked on a hill overlooking both the open ocean and the entire bay.

I think I could spend the rest of my life next to that pool.


It was off season (because it was hot and because schools weren’t out yet), so we got a great deal, AND we often had the pool to ourselves.


That one above was taken by Ryan right before the wedding started. On the opposite side of the bay as the Encanto hotel. But let’s get back to the hotel because I love it so. :)


Did I mention it was hot? One time we made the mistake of getting into a taxi that didn’t have AC (or seat belts!). I thought I was going to die (for more than one reason!). That photo above is the view from our hotel room. By mid-day the glass was visibly wet with humidity.


Acapulco’s famous cliff divers.


Like I said, heaven.

It was so good for us as a couple to just be together, without any of the pressures of normal life. We talked a lot of purposefully horrible Spanglish and laughed more than we have in ages. We sat out by the deserted pool at midnight and talked over the last decade, naming all the “best days” we’ve shared and looking forward to more to come. (We needed that.)

We owe a huge, huge thank you to our parents for taking incredible care of the kids while we were gone! It was great to go, and it was great to be reunited.

Have you ever left the kids behind and traveled with your spouse? Even the occasional one-night getaway counts! Where’d you go? And who’d you leave the kids with? I want more ideas! ;)


Summer Skies & Savoring Slow


Our summer travels so far have involved both long drives and long plane rides.

We’ve seen lightning strike across desert skies and over the open waters of the Pacific.

We’ve watched the sun ignite the horizon just beyond the salt flats of western Utah, and we watched that same sun let off a slow glow as it sunk toward the ocean.

desert sunset

For hours, my eyes darted from my book to the two green-bellied birds who had made their home in the tree towering above me.

I watched the sky just beyond that tree turn from pure blue to faint purple to dusty black.


When we flew, I longed like a little kid to reach out my window and touch the clouds all around us.

summer-skies Since I’ve been home, plowing through photos and daydreaming about being back in Mexico, I keep thinking about all the skies I’ve seen so far this summer. They make me so very grateful to be alive. To get to see a new sky every day.

"The earth has music for those who listen" | A post about savoring a slow day at letwhylead.com

“The earth has music for those who listen.”

My friend and mentor Shawn is re-releasing her beautiful book, The Abundant Mama’s Guide to Savoring Slow: Simplify, Embrace the Chaos, and Discover an Abundance of Time at Home.

I love what she has to say about seasons on earth and our seasons of life. Especially this:

“The weather is the best gift for telling us who’s boss. We’re not in charge of the Universe, no matter how hard we try to be. But we are in charge of how we use our time, what we let our mind focus on and what we choose to be happy about.”

I’m choosing to be happy about the sky this summer (and hopefully much longer). It’s my constant reminder to slow down and savor, as Shawn would say. It helps me remember the slow moments of my summer so far and motivates me to recreate them. To let stress drift away in exchange for a moment of wonder.


If you could use more inspiration, we’ve got you covered! 17 mindful women talking about how they savor slow: The Savor a Slow Day Book Tour.

Happy summer, friends!

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