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10 Benefits Kids Gain from an Un-Busy Life | At Let’s Lasso the Moon

10 Benefits Kids Gain from an Un-Busy Life

I sit with feet stretched out in front of me, bark chips in my sandals and the sound of playful children in my ears.

It’s been twenty minutes since school got out, and already it’s only my three kids and a few others left on the playground.

When a public park sits right in between your elementary school and the parking lot, you have a prime opportunity for people watching. Five days a week.

Every day I watch as parents gently prod their children past the park, their kids throwing longing looks over their shoulders. (Swings must look exhilarating when you’re five years old and headed for a booster seat in a dark SUV.)

Plenty of parents let their kids burn off some energy before heading on, and some stay long enough for their kids to get immersed in a game of tag while they chat with fellow parents.

That said, not many of them linger past the half-hour mark; they have places to go.

If you—like me—would like to embrace an un-hurried life, today I’m at Let’s Lasso The Moon (an amazing website!) sharing ten benefits I’ve noticed in my own kids from living at the pace we enjoy.

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Bedding that Makes Life Simple | A Giveaway!

“Play three minutes??”

Every night before our kiddos go to bed, Quinn begs to play for three minutes.

I have no idea why she got stuck on the number three, because usually it’s much longer, but there we are.

They play a ROUSING round of one of their favorite made-up games—dragon or mud monster. Because obviously, that’s the best way to settle down for the night.

It’s like scientifically proven. ;)

Zip-up bedding that is perfect for kids' rooms or bunks beds. Easy to change and even easier to make! Giveaway at letwhylead.com

Some nights their wild noise gets under my skin, and I wrap up the play early and shuttle them off to dreamland. But on better nights, I thank my lucky stars that I have them and that they have each other and that we have food to feed us and a home to make our memories in.

It’s all pretty spectacular when you think about it.

For the first year and a half of living here, our daughter Quinn’s room sat almost completely bare. I knew I wanted it to be special; after all, she’s my first girl and I’ve wanted to decorate a little girl’s room since I was a 13-year-old, braces-wearing babysitter. :)

I’ve recently (finally!) been piecing her room together, and I’m so excited to share it with you as it unfolds!

Today we’re talking bedding. 

My friends, this bedding is a game changer. I’d had my eye on it for ages, so when we started working on Quinn’s room, I reached out to Beddy’s and asked if they’d like to do a giveaway! Today we’re giving away a $100 gift card, and all you have to do is leave a comment.

Zip-up bedding that is perfect for kids' rooms or bunks beds. Easy to change and even easier to make! Giveaway at letwhylead.com

Bedding that Makes Life Simple

The amazing thing about it is that it’s all one piece. No fitted sheet, no flat sheet; it’s all in one. So washing and replacing it is a dream compared to a traditional set of bedding.

Oh and then there’s this minor detail… IT ZIPS UP!!

Zip-Up Bedding

The sturdy zippers on both sides make it so easy for a kid to make her bed, so it always looks neat. (Cue a big fat happy sigh from clean-loving moms everywhere.)

The creators, Betsy and Angie, made their first prototype just to solve their own problem—the colossal pain of changing bedding on bunk beds. And they quickly found out that a lot of other moms wanted the same thing. (They even thought to use that minky fabric on the top inside layer, for added comfort for little ones. Smart ladies.)

Quinn doesn’t have a bunk bed, but I still adore the ease of changing the bedding and the fact that my three-year-old can make her bed.

And when the kids burrow deep under the covers hiding from the “mud monster,” we don’t end up with bedding all over the room and a frustrated mama. :) We just zip it back up.

The Giveaway

Update! The giveaway is now closed. 

Like I mentioned, the girls at Beddy’s offered to give away a $100 gift card to put toward a bedding set. I have the chic white set; you can see the other collections, for both boys and girls, here.)

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment, but if you’d like extra entries, follow either of us on Facebook, subscribe to a newsletter, or share this giveaway with on social media. Just make sure to let me know in a comment so I can put you down for your extra entries!

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Oh and if you leave an honest review of my ebook on Amazon, I’ll put you down for three extra entries! ;)

Zip-up bedding that is perfect for kids' rooms or bunks beds. Easy to change and even easier to make! Giveaway at letwhylead.com

Beddy’s has also offered Let Why Lead readers 15% off a purchase. Use code LWL15.

Thanks, guys, and good luck! (Sweet dreams?)

Congrats to our winner, Angelica B, who said, “I’ve been in love with beddy’s for a long time now. If I had the money, every bed in my house would have a beddy’s on it!”


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