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Weekend Reading for Design-Minded Women

First of all, thank you all so, so much for reading and sharing my post earlier this week on ways to make your kids feel crazy loved! I really (like, really!) appreciate all of you who commented or shared or pinned…And a big welcome to any new visitors because of that piece! I’m thrilled that you’re here. As for today, it’s…


Wholehearted Living: Sometimes People Will Hurt You

Last Friday night at 8pm, I answered the phone and heard these words. “Erica. On Monday I will have power of attorney for my mother’s condo. On Tuesday I will circulate a petition to have you fired.” Then the line went dead. – I could tell you that I had literally had two interactions with him ever—both that evening as I worked on…


42 Ways to Make Your Kids Feel Absolutely Loved

From down the hallway, I could only see his feet. I could tell that my husband was kneeling down, and I heard his voice as I dabbed on some concealer. “Do you guys know how much we love you?” he said to our kids. “We love you more than anything. We love you no matter what. If someone isn’t nice…


I Shop, Therefore I Am (Poor) + More Six-Word Memoirs

Have you heard of six-word memoirs? Since the project debuted in 2006, one million adults and teens have shared their six-word stories. Some of them are hilarious (“weary *and wary* of ice buckets”); some are heart-wrenching (“I’ve been homeless since you died”). I can’t get enough of these six-word glimpses into stranger’s hearts and minds, and I love brainstorming how I would fit…


5 “Diamonds” from the Marriage Diaries

I was an honor over the last year to host the personal stories of the 14 women who wrote for the Marriage Diaries. Today I wanted to share some of the little pearls of wisdom that stood out and stayed with me, even months later. (Except we’re calling these pearls “diamonds,” because—marriage!) Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and commented and shared….