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Welcome to Let Why Lead, a place for the purposeful wife and mom. I’m Erica, and I'm passionate about living fully and filling my family with love and belonging. For regular reminders of the whys of your life, I hope you’ll keep coming back.
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Ask Erica :)

Hey guys! It’s summer (I live for summer), so I’m going to be slowing down the pace and maybe even lightening up the content (summer style? my parenting guffaws?) on the blog. :) What I could use is your ideas! So… Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to ask me? Anything you’d like me to write about? It could be totally…


A Happier, Healthier Way to Celebrate Your Birthday

Not long ago, an article on Scary Mommy caught my attention: Dear Husband: Here Are the Only Things I Want for My Birthday. Because what we all apparently want is— “An entire day of love and doing everything I ask. If this is talking over dinner about the intricacies of The Bachelor, so be it. If I want you to clean out…


Photographers Share—How to Coax Genuine Expressions Out of Your Kids

If you are familiar with any of these—glazed eyes, fleeing toddlers, and (my personal favorite) barred teeth in lieu of an actual smile… You’ve landed in the right place! As soon as a camera comes out, it can be really hard to get natural expressions out of kids! Because there’s nothing I love more than photos that really capture the way I see…


Life Lately + A Mini-Review of Scary Close by Donald Miller

Hi y’all! Have you see that Buzzfeed post about parents at the beginning of the year versus parents at the end of the year? That is totally me right now. But summer is coming! It’s nice and warm here in our little oasis at the end of the Bay. Life hums along as my husband and I take care of the kiddos, volunteer at church, pursue…

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8 Printable Mantras for Moms

I really believe in the power of the words we tell ourselves. Our inner monologues have so much influence over how we feel and what we’re projecting to the people closest to us. I’m often scrawling sayings or quotes on our family chalkboard, and usually, without me even realizing it, the words I write are a direct effort to stifle the ugly…