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2014 Wrap-up & Thank You!

It was a productive year here at Let Why Lead! I did a re-design, wrote 9 articles for other sites, finally started a newsletter, made some wonderful new friends and connections, hosted round two of the Marriage Diaries, got quoted in the WSJ, and published 122 posts. Phew! (All for barely any money / just because I love doing it! haha) I…


Best of TED 2014 | 7 Amazing Talks for Purposeful Women

I enjoyed curating my list of 12 Must-See TEDs for Purposeful Women so much that I decided to do it again with TED’s latest offerings. They’ve had so many great talks in the last year, and I’ve loved the challenge of listening and narrowing down the list to my absolute favorites. Covering everything from body image to parenting to a better way to…


Changes! Plus, This Mama is One Step Closer to Being a Bona Fide SAHM

After six and half years here in our two-bedroom apartment… After bringing all three of our babies home to the same place… THIS happened!  We bought our first home and are moving an hour south to start phase two of our family’s life! I’m operating in a state of overwhelm at the idea of moving. Of starting again. I’m out of…


Lace Tiered Dress Giveaway! For the Little Love in Your Life

Oh Quinn. You are joy and trouble and sass all rolled up into one squeezable bundle. Before I had you, I never understood moms who called their little girls sassy, fiery, or feisty. I (secretly) thought maybe those moms were projecting those qualities onto their little girls, and that it might just become a self-fulfilling prophecy once they reached teen-hood.  Was I ever wrong. …


The Memory Jar | A Great Gift and an Even Better Family Tradition

Two years ago, I ran across this idea on pinterest and decided to spruce it up a bit and turn it into a gift. For Christmas I gave a jar to each of my siblings, so they could use it throughout the upcoming year with their families. The idea is that the family jots down memories on squares of paper and drops them…