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Knowing Your Shame Triggers | 31 Days to Radical Self-Love

I first posted this discussion of shame resilience a year ago. This month, as we talk about the road to deeper self-love and acceptance, I keep coming back to Brené Brown’s writing on shame as the exact right place to start, so I’m bringing this post back up to the front. Knowing the things that make us feel small and inadequate…


What Lies Within Us | Free iPhone Wallpaper

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson Do you not just LOVE that quote?! I’ve made two versions of an iPhone wallpaper so that we can all keep it at the front of our minds this month. When you select it as your wallpaper, do the little…

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Liked & Linked: 5 Reads to Help You Love Yourself and Love Others

How was your week? Here are a few of my favorite recents reads from around the www. :) 3 Ways to Be a Better Friend by Money Saving Mom. Be a friend to get friends. In particular, I ate up her emphasis on being a great “question asker.” I LOVE those people! It’s a skill I’m always working on. Owning Less is…

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The I Love Myself Exercise

When Kamal Ravikant found himself at rock bottom, bereft from a failed startup and a lost loved one, he decided to start practicing some life-changing self-love and to never look back. In his book, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It, he lays himself wide open and tells us exactly what he did to turn his life upside down. “Love yourself…


Introducing… 31 Days to Radical Self-Love!

If someone asked you right now to look into a mirror and say “I love myself” out loud, would it make you feel uncomfortable? Maybe a bit squirmy? The other night, as I tucked our five- and seven-year old boys into their bunk beds, I asked them to say it out loud: “I love myself.” They had ABSOLUTELY no problem with this direction. In…