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What 3 Feelings Do You Want to Be Dominant in Your Life?

Or in contrast, what feelings are currently dominant in your life? Happiness Overwhelm Exhaustion Fulfillment Anxiety Joy Worry Satisfaction Fear Peace Unrest Calm What feelings are governing your days? I recently listened to an episode of the Lively Show with life coach Brooke Castillo. In it, Brooke talks about how our thoughts create our feelings, and she walks the host, Jess Lively,…


Detangling Productivity and Self-Worth | At No Sidebar

The desire to keep moving and tending and serving is in my blood. Passed down from both sides of the family that valued hard work. Sometimes when my husband comes home from work to find me lying down on the job (probably with three wild banshees whooping and hollering around me), I feel this deeply-held impulse to jump up and look busy….

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9 Practical Ways I Reduce Noise in My Life

“Mom?” he said, his bright green eyes looking into my pale blue ones. “Can we go to the park with the triple slides today?” My stomach dropped as my mind immediately went to the calendar I keep catalogued there. Our week was full… well-child checks, work-related appointments and meetings—oh and I couldn’t forget to pick up the strawberries for the kindergarten…


What I Wore Wednesday: Revived

“Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.” G. Bruce Boyer It’s been years since the last time I did a “what I wore” post. (Years!) Every time I share one, I feel like I’m dying a little inside… I mean, who really wants to post pictures of yourself head to toe on the…


Coconut Pineapple Green Smoothie

When my kids see me pull out the blender, they immediately start naming colors— “Orange? Purple? Green?” It’s code for, “Which smoothie are you making?” More than half of the time, it’s my two mainstays: peanut butter banana oat or coconut pineapple. I know you can find an abundance of green smoothie recipes on Pinterest, but sometimes it’s just nice to…