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Wholehearted Living: Eyes and Hearts Open

There’s this moment sometimes. When you’re exploring. When you pull your van off and park on the side of a road just because you saw something cool. It wasn’t planned, and it probably couldn’t be recreated. Not just because of what happened but because of how you felt. That’s what happened to us last Saturday morning, when we were on…


“Do You Have Any More Stories?” | What Children Gain When You Open Up

“Do you have any more stories?” they say. I’d already told them about how my husband and I met; I’d told them about the first time he said I love you. (“Why were you at a park at night?” they ask. “Because you can do awesome stuff like that when you’re in college,” I answer.) So I launched into the story of how he proposed….


One Word to Erase From Your Vocabulary ( + Six to Replace It With)

You deserve an inner voice that treats you with care. Deserve is a word I try not to throw around, because I don’t think we always deserve what we think we do. (Bigger houses, nicer kids…seat warmers. :) But if there is one thing you deserve, it’s a kind inner voice. – We all say it. I’m a “bad” mom, a bad…


Life Lately + What I’m Into, September Edition

Oh yes! Our boys LIVE for Halloween, so our decorations are up and our first visit to a coast-side pumpkin patch crossed off our fall fun list! #overachievers #onlysometimes At 18 months, Girl is a HANDFUL. But so much fun, most of the time. :) The boys each recently had a speaking line in front of our whole church congregation (nailed it!), and…


On Controlling Women and the Men Who Won’t Be Controlled

It all started with his keys. He always came home from work and dumped the contents of his pockets onto the piano, instead of using the designated basket just a few feet away. I reminded him for MONTHS before I finally gave up and put a silver dish on the piano to corral keys and spare change. – Next it was his sleep habits….