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Is Family Breakfast the New Family Dinner + 3 Tips to Make It Work

I consider myself a morning person. But at this point, I’ve been one out of necessity for so long that I’m not really sure if it’s true. Regardless, the little feet tiptoeing to my side of the bed—and the giant baby blabbering away in her mini-crib—get me up morning after morning. So I try to make the most of it. You too? – Like…


Kids: The Intersection of Truth and Lies

I was under the covers with a laptop at my fingertips, when out of nowhere my son jumped onto the bed. It was nearly 9pm, well past bedtime, and he wore last year’s Halloween costume—the Hulk—with nothing on underneath. “Look, Mom! I’ve grown! I’m getting SHO big! I’m almost as big as the Hulk! I think maybe I AM the Hulk!” With great…


Lost My Light

I lost my light for a few days there. Maybe longer. By the time I got the kids down every night, I had NO willpower to do anything beyond shrivel up in my warm bed. I was giving my kids the best I had and my husband whatever was left, but I knew I had lost it. I had lost…


Peppermint Ice Cream | A Family Holiday Tradition

Making peppermint ice cream is a tradition my kids look forward to all year. It started with my sister-in-law, who makes it every year down in Arizona. Since I regrettably can’t go raid her freezer every December, I started making it at home, and my boys caught the magic and ran with it. In the past, back when I was more ambitious in…


Perfectionism is SO 2004 + Printables!

I touched on perfectionism in my post last week, about editing our lives in order to live with more purpose. I used to think perfectionism was just being overly meticulous. Now I’m quicker to recognize that it’s… That compulsion to have my eye makeup neatly in place before I answer the front door. That desperation to contribute something homemade to a church social, even…