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4 Ways to Cultivate a Positive Family Culture

“Taco Bell! Burger King!” “Dad, look! It’s a Pizza Hut!” I was 12; my sister was 9. We were in Puerto Rico with our parents—a trip we had looked forward to for months. But do you know what we did straight through the vacation? We complained. I mean, yeah, we stayed in a beachfront condo on a tiny island only…


Home Progress!

We’ve made some progress in our home! We absolutely love our neighbors and the townhouse itself, and I’m having so much fun getting a taste for decorating. Our bedrooms are still untouched (as in, our master has zero actual furniture), but the living area is coming together! One of our challenges is that this room is wiiiide, making it hard to see the TV from the…


When I Was 18… | A Post about Who We Are Right NOW

I watch her, a blue-eyed eighteen-year-old, speak directly into the microphone. Her eyes sparkle as she addresses the congregation. Her posture is impeccable. She is me twelve years ago. I was the blue-eyed girl who felt like 18 was so much older than 17. Eighteen just sounds like you’re on the brink of something, and I knew I was. I was weeks away from…


10 Mindfulness Exercises to Do with Your Kids

A few mornings ago, as we stepped outside in the chill of the early morning air, my six-year-old son stopped in his tracks and said— “Smell that! Take a deep breath.” “It’s so fresh,” his brother followed up. And my heart stretched a little on both sides. :) Maybe my subtle efforts to live mindfully with my kids were rubbing off…


Capturing the Heart of Your Family through HONEST, Authentic Photography

Friends. THIS. I love this post. I’m PUMPED to have my friend Cari here today, giving her soulful take on how to capture your family authentically. (Hint: you can leave the laundry baskets in the frame!) I know you’ll love it as much as I do. Thanks, Cari! Growing up, my parents had a cupboard filled to the brim with dusty, leather…