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Welcome to Let Why Lead, a place for the purposeful wife and mom. I’m Erica, and I'm passionate about living fully and filling my family with love and belonging. For regular reminders of the whys of your life, I hope you’ll keep coming back.
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Weekend Reading for Mindful Women | Plus, a Mini-Review of “10 Mindful Minutes”

Some Favorite Finds Science Says There Are Four Kinds of Introversion. I have it on good authority that I’m a “thinking introvert.” What are you? I was captivated by this HuffPost piece on how the opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety; it’s human connection. More evidence that our efforts to raise grounded, wholehearted children absolutely matter! You guys really identified with…

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What Makes Marriage Hard? These 5 Things (Among Others)

I wrote this post three years ago. For some reason—maybe it’s the fact that my husband and I are now approaching one decade together—it’s been on my mind lately. I was hungry to re-read it and see if I still feel the same way. Good news—I do! I took the chance to fill it in a bit more and bring…


How to Find a Photographer that Fits Your Personal Style | Family Photo Inspiration

Welcome to the first post in our mini-series on photography for moms. The very first person I thought of for this series was Jenn. She is an incredible photographer, as well as an adorable mom of four and a real-life friend. I am infatuated with how much LOVE she captures in her work. I’m sure you’ll see it in the images. Thanks,…


Locked In

Some things never leave you. For me, one of them is heat. You know the feeling, right? When you get into a car that has been sitting—baking, really—in the sun and a bead of sweat instantly forms and runs down your back. For this Arizona native, that feels like home to me. It’s also the feeling of soaring straight for the…

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You’re Made of So Much Beauty, But It Seems that You Forgot… (Printable)

I stumbled across this poem on the internet, and the last few lines have been stuck in my head ever since. I hope you’ll take a moment to read it—and even better, to let it sink in! Feel free to grab the 5×7 printable version; these words need to be in front of women’s eyes…always!  “Not” by e.h. You are not your age,…