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20 Things You Can Do to Reduce Friction in Your Home Life

Shoes on the stairs, misplaced phone chargers, lost homework folders—these everyday annoyances add up, keeping us from living the calm, present lives we’re all chasing. (There’s some irony in chasing a calm life. But sometimes that’s just how it feels, right?) When we moved to our new home, all I cared about was setting up systems that would eliminate some of…


Life Lately + Some Peeks of Our New Home

You might remember that in December we moved into a new (to us) home, an hour south of where we had been living. We’re on the outskirts of San Jose, California, now, which means tire swings to borrow, hills to explore, a Walmart in the vicinity, and the earthy, familiar smell of livestock drifting through the neighborhood. :) It’s definitely a…


Sometimes You Just Need to See Yourself from Someone Else’s Point of View

It was my favorite time of day. An hour before sunset. We pulled into a dirt parking lot, empty except for one car. Underneath a big, gnarly tree sat a couple, close together, on a picnic blanket. Our three kids scampered down the hillside to a fallen tree. Quickly, one became an engineer, the other an army general, and the…


You Are Still *You,* Even If…

How often do you gather up your fragile sense of self and willingly hand it away? If wholehearted living means never putting our worth on the table, it means first starting to take notice of the times when we do. Today—a simple reminder that you are you, and that’s enough. You are still you, even if… You feel like no one in your life needs a friend…


5 Nuggets of Wisdom that Stuck with Me in 2014

Last year, I was surprised at how often I referred back to my post on the nuggets of wisdom that stuck with me in 2013. Documenting them was the perfect way to make sure those little lessons became a part of me—for longer than that one year. 2014 was full of learning for me, so I want to remember these takeaways….