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Welcome to Let Why Lead, a place for the purposeful wife and mom. I’m Erica, and I'm passionate about living fully and filling my family with love and belonging. For regular reminders of the whys of your life, I hope you’ll keep coming back.
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2015 Wrap-Up and a THANK YOU!

It was another fun, meaningful, and productive year here at Let Why Lead! (My fourth, in fact!) This year I published 66 posts (down from 122 last year!), wrote for four other websites, did more editing for other bloggers, grew my friendships with other writers in my niche, wrote a series on self-love, and self-published my first book! And more importantly, I grew as…

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This Is Our Love Story (And Maybe Yours Too)

We’re a decade into our love story. It started with a boy who appeared on my doorstep during my sophomore year of college. Last night, that same boy tiptoed into our sons’ bedroom and did a math app with one son while the other snoozed soundly in his bed.  Tonight, that same boy who proposed with two dozen white roses is bringing home my…


Infuse Your Holiday Season with Giving and Kindness: Help Your Kids Think of Others

“Santa bring me a pink scooter!!” Pause. “AND CANDIES!” This is my two-year-old speaking, her eyes wide as she stands on tiptoe in her excitement. She’s insistent that Santa is bringing her a scooter and candy (her most favorite thing in the world!). ** Our seven-year-old counts his money almost every night. He dumps the contents of his ceramic bank and…


6 Nuggets of Wisdom that Stuck with Me in 2015

This is the third year I’ve rounded up my takeaways; I look forward to it all year long.(Here’s 2014 and 2013!) It’s so nice to have many of your life lessons nestled in once place. It makes a whole year of learning and growth feel more… tangible. These aren’t as much lessons I learned from living as they are lessons I learned from listening. I hope…


On the Stages of Family Life & the Marathon of Parenthood

Our Thanksgiving this year was low-key and warm and homey, or at least, as low-key as a Thanksgiving can be with young kids. The boys played outside with neighbors while I blended fresh cranberries and shaped the rolls. My husband and I argued over how to make the mashed potatoes (it’s tradition), and our youngest snoozed away in her bedroom while we put the…