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My Summer Reading List

A few friends have asked about my reading list for our upcoming trip to Mexico! Have I mentioned that our good friends invited Ryan to officiate their wedding (Joey Trinbiani style :)—in Acapulco? It was just the nudge we needed to pawn our kids off on our amazing parents and skip town to celebrate our friends’ wedding and our 10-year anniversary. We’ve never done…


I used to worry…

Sunday night musings about life and family and love… I used to worry that if I didn’t have more children, Quinn (our youngest) would never have what her two older brothers share: each other. I worried she’d always be the odd one out, partly because she’s a girl and partly because she’s not quite as close to them in age….


8 Unique & Meaningful Activities for Family Gatherings

Are you hosting any family gatherings this summer? I really enjoyed writing this post for my friend Rebecca at Simple As That. I hope you’ll take a moment to follow me over!  For years, it was my grandpa—the one with the quiet manner and the undeniable sparkle in his eyes—who would don a baseball cap and pick up a bat…

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Ask Erica :)

Hey guys! It’s summer (I live for summer), so I’m going to be slowing down the pace and maybe even lightening up the content (summer style? my parenting guffaws?) on the blog. :) What I could use is your ideas! So… Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to ask me? Anything you’d like me to write about? It could be totally…


A Happier, Healthier Way to Celebrate Your Birthday

Not long ago, an article on Scary Mommy caught my attention: Dear Husband: Here Are the Only Things I Want for My Birthday. Because what we all apparently want is— “An entire day of love and doing everything I ask. If this is talking over dinner about the intricacies of The Bachelor, so be it. If I want you to clean out…