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What I’m Into – July Edition

 Popping in to share what I’ve been into lately! Reading I’ve finished The Rosie Project, Eleanor & Park, and Looking for Alaska. I enjoyed them all, but I wish youth lit, in particular, didn’t have so much sexual overtone. What is up with that?? I also read Notes from a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic…


4:55 p.m.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:55 p.m., the alarm on my phone goes off (playing Frozen’s “Let It Go,” because of course), and I gather three grinning kiddos in for a family hug. It’s a time of day when we can all benefit from a quick reset—a reminder of how lucky we are to have each other. And for me,…



I saw the telltale glow under his covers, so in the soft light of morning, I pulled up his quilt and climbed in. He shined the flashlight into my face as I asked him how he slept. His brother dozed peacefully in the bed next to us, and I could hear the baby stirring in her crib across the hall. It…


My Favorite Nonprofit | Christmas in July with Balsam Hill

We had just finished volunteering at a school for the day and had driven several miles away when our rickety bus broke down. We all piled out and stood around in groups, waiting to see how bad the damage was. Within minutes, I felt little arms encircle my waist from both sides. There were no buildings in sight, but children…


One Family’s Mantra & How it Has Shaped Them

A sweet friend of mine introduced me to Tiffany because she knew I’d like her family mantra. No surprise—she was right! Read this, and be prepared to want to do hard things!  Our family motto is “I can do hard things.” I first heard it back in 2007. It was just a blip in an article I was reading, but it…