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4:55 p.m.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:55 p.m., the alarm on my phone goes off (playing Frozen’s “Let It Go,” because of course), and I gather three grinning kiddos in for a family hug.

It’s a time of day when we can all benefit from a quick reset—a reminder of how lucky we are to have each other. And for me, because I’m looking at the big push through dinner and to bed, I try to take a few seconds to regroup and gear up. :)

I read the idea at the Abundant Mama a couple of months ago, and I’ve appreciated the mood boost we’ve gotten from it ever since, so I thought it was worth passing along! Let me know if you decide to try it, and I’ll think of you at 4:55 p.m. :)


  1. Keri says:

    I recently found your blog and just love it. I love this idea- that is always a crazy time of the day- great idea!

    1. Erica Layne says:

      Hi Keri! I’m so glad you’re here! I was just looking at your blog – How fun that both had two boys and then a girl! And my husband DEFINITELY says the same thing when people ask us if we’ll have more kids. :) Let’s keep in touch!

  2. I love this idea! I know I need a little pick me up around this time. :)

    1. Erica Layne says:

      Thanks, Lisa! Yeah, don’t we all? :) Hope you and the girls are doing well! (How’s the adjustment to three going?)

  3. Kimberly says:

    This is a great idea! I’m going to start doing it today!

    1. Erica Layne says:

      I’m glad, Kimberly! Then I will definitely think of you at 4:55! :) I started our doing it every weekday, but I ended up switching to three days a week and find that that works well for us. Happy hugging! ;)

  4. Haili says:

    How fun!!! Maybe I will try this! :) so I’m curious. I know you’ve done a post about it before but just asking you personally I suppose. Is it hard going from 2 to 3 kids? Having two boys where they’re at the age where you guys could do more things, have a bit more freedom, and then go and add another baby into the mix?

    1. Erica Layne says:

      Hi Haili! So, at the time, it felt totally doable. My boys (who were 3 and 4 1/2) had each other to help them stay entertained, so in that sense, I felt like it was easier than going from one to two! I was also very lucky in that they adored Quinn from the getgo. (Now, the only thing that gets them down on her is that she destroys all of their creations. :)

      But looking back, I think that year was harder on me than I realized…Because of her many naps and Trenton & Chase’s school/preschool schedule, I put friendships, outings, and just LIFE on hold. So emotionally, I think that wore on me a bit.

      But I think that first year with a new baby (no matter which baby it is) is kind of a sacrifice. That’s just the way it goes with a little one that is completely dependent on you. :)

      Well, those are my random thoughts. Feel free to ask more questions. (I’m guessing you’re thinking of another baby?!) Here are a couple of old posts that have to with babies/siblings:


  5. Heather says:

    Great idea! I actually do my supper in the morning so afternoon and evening are much more relaxing!

    1. Erica Layne says:

      Oooh, I’m intrigued, Heather! If you get a sec, I’d love some more details!

  6. Jolynn says:

    I love this!!! Such a fun idea. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jessi says:

    What a wonderful idea!! And what delicious kiddos!!

    1. Erica Layne says:

      Thanks, Jessi! Haha, I think they’re delicious too! The baby has changed so much in the year since this was taken. (No good!)

  8. LOVE this, Erica! What a great idea!

  9. Ashley says:

    Hello dear friend! Love your blog and this post!

  10. Rachel T. says:

    Such a cute idea. You know the Lego Movie song, “Everything Is Awesome”? That would be a great song for this! Sierra and I love that song. Maybe we should start this tradition!

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