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What I’m Into – April Edition

My four bunnies on Easter! As you can see, Chase was not a big fan of me calling him that. :) 

photo 1 (41) Popping in to share what I’ve been into this month!


Technically, it’s one I’m rereading: A Winter Sea. This is my favorite book. If you like fiction that switches back and forth between a modern and historical line, read this! I’ve read most everything else this writer has done, but this is for sure her best work. The 900 amazon reviewers seem to agree. :)


This chicken chili verde. I’ve made it pretty often lately, and we love it. Usually I sub thawed chicken breasts for the pork and just put everything straight into the crock pot. Hours later the chicken shreds easily, and it’s fantastic topped with cheese, avocado, and cilantro. Enjoy!


60234a44ed92827f41ce943366d8eb1d (1) This gallery wall, where the frames have some room to breathe. (And hello pink lamp!)

1d1ff5b4cd9bd2a29ffd464a2f0209da A favorite cozy outdoor space. Globe lights are a MUST for my future.

Thinking about—

How to reduce my job managing the building we live in. I pitched a proposal to my boss, and I’m not sure if it will end up helping or just muddying the waters. Or worse, getting me even more work. My mental space is pretty maxed right now, so I would really appreciate clearing a little room. We’ll see…

My blog redesign. I love plotting and drafting in Photoshop. (Only problem now is execution… :)

How to get my kids to work more. I’d say this is consistently one of my top parenting worries. I really want to raise workers, but I think it is in my nature to do the work for them. (We all know it’s quicker and less painful!) This post re-inspired me to keep aiming for consistency with them.

Looking forward to—

My weekend retreat! Ryan is sending me to a hotel in Palo Alto for a night while he takes care of the kids. I have big plans: a bath, a bunch of writing, and an uninterrupted night’s sleep. I’ve never done something like this before, but I cannot wait! Hope you all enjoy your weekends, too!

Happy to be linked up with Leigh Kramer and friends. 


  1. Abbigail says:

    I’ve added “Winter Sea” to by To Read List – it sounds fantastic!

    I am looking forward to someday having my own weekend retreat to get away and focus on my writing – & I don’t have kids. I cannot imagine what a mom of young ‘uns feels like with that looming gracefully on the horizon. I hope you are able to balance some downtime and some good, uninterrupted work time! :)

    1. Erica Layne says:

      Thanks so much, Abbigail! Yes, I am definitely excited. Curious to see how much I miss my regular life, too, in 24 hours or less. :)

  2. That outdoor space is dreamy! Enjoy your evening to yourself :)

  3. Valerie says:

    Hi Erica, my first comment after enjoying your blog for a long time. I took a night away at a hotel a couple times–it was great! I remember not enjoying it so much the first time because I felt a little guilty indulging myself in this way. But it’s so totally worth it. Have a great time and hope you feel very refreshed afterwards!

    1. Erica Layne says:

      Hi Valerie! Thanks so much for the advice – because I could see myself totally doing the same thing. I’m going to remind myself that I believe in the power of recharging and just try to relax! I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been reading – I appreciate it! Keep in touch!

  4. Haili says:

    Oh my, Erica I hope you have the best time! :)

  5. I’ve been longing for globe lights too! Our patio/concrete slab leaves much to be desired in terms of beauty and I think pretty lighting make everything look better. :) I hope you enjoy your night away!

  6. Cheri says:

    Ahhhh! I need to keep up with you on your blog! You are one super busy girl! I think you are doing great!!! It’s always a joy to catch up!

  7. Nat says:

    Put this book on e-hold at my library. Thanks for the recommendation!!

  8. Rachel T. says:

    That night in a hotel room by yourself sounds amazing and so relaxing. I’m a little jealous. I’m sure it was great!

    1. Erica Layne says:

      AH! I literally felt bad talking about it because I know you need it way more right now! I was meaning to text you in advance and say sorry for being insensitive! But the sleep will keep coming and you’ll feel more and more like yourself as the months pass, and before you know it, Sawyer will be toddling around like our little Quinn! You’re doing awesome. Love you!

  9. Kimberly says:

    What a fun post! I love the picture of your family.

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