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Creating a Vision Board for Your Life (Part 2)

Two Fridays ago, I talked at Mom 4 Real about how to create a vision board for your life. Today I wanted to share more about the most recent vision board I made, in hopes that it gets you thinking about what you’d put on your own. :)

A vision board is a visual representation of your desire to welcome good things into your life. The idea is that you think of words that you want to draw into your life and find correlating images that speak to you on a gut level. (Or, for the real creatives out there, vice versa: you clip images first and then decipher words/concepts that suit them.)

It’s an exercise based on intuition, not meant to be over-thought, and it is a great way to refocus on what matters to you. (To read about my experience with vision boards, as well as a few tips, check out my original post.)

When I recently stumbled across a vision board I sketched six years ago in journal, I didn’t think for more than one minute about what words I wanted to choose for my current board. They jumped in my head as if they knew they should be there.

1. Sunshine. Maybe it’s the Arizona girl in me, but I always crave sunshine in the winter. Even here in fair-weather northern California. Having a few moments to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin means I’m taking time to notice the little things and I’m getting a dose of nature that is good for the soul. (For proof, check out this article on easing brain fatigue with a walk in the park. Love that.) 

2. Patience to move at a child’s pace. Pretty self-explanatory when you’re a mom, right? I need patience when they move and learn and listen at a different speed than I want them to. (So pretty much all the time. :)

3. Quiet. I need time to be still and fill myself back up. I know we all struggle to find it in the middle of raising kids, but I’ll look for those moments of calm.

4. Writing. I want to dig deep and speak from the heart. I want words to come to my pen with a mind of their own, but I also want the challenge of writing something worthwhile even when the words don’t come. (And if we’re really wishing here, I’d like to publish a book. :)

5. Love. I want to feel the love I have for my family. I want more days where I forget about the business of caring for my family and remember my love for it.

Okay, now you’re up! Without overthinking it, what words would you like to draw into your life this year? I’d love to hear, and (bonus) it’s fun! 

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  1. Becca says:

    Beautiful vision board! I think I need to be more intentional about getting these visions/goals/ideals I have for my life and home into something concrete and beautiful…okay some words off the top of my head: focus, pursue, refresh, enjoy!

    1. Erica Layne says:

      Thanks, Becca! I know what you mean. Seeing them laid out in some kind of concrete form really helps. Love your words! They are the perfect balance of challenging yourself to go for things while still enjoying the present. Take care!

  2. Divya says:

    That’s a lovely vision board. I have know about vision boards for a long time but never did one. After seeing yours I am inspired to start my own. Thanks for sharing

  3. Adaptability. While routines are incredibly helpful for our family and I love the calm and peace that they can bring, they’re not much use if I am a slave to them! I would love to be able to adapt to changes and interruptions more graciously instead of giving in to my tendency to freak out if things don’t go according to plan.

    And I’d like to steal #5 from you. Well, not steal, but share. :)

    1. Erica Layne says:

      Share away!

      Adaptability is such a great thing to be conscious of. I could use a good dose of it myself! I find my adaptability pretty much disappears when I have a baby in the house! (Naps are king!) Wish I were just roll with it a bit more, though…!

  4. Heather says:

    I love your beautiful pictures and I especially love that quote. It is all about appreciating the moment, and that’s what I want to cultivate.
    Having said that I also really want to get pregnant this year and also find a way to make money from home enough so that I don’t have to go back to work next year.

    1. Erica Layne says:

      Best wishes with both of those things, Heather!!

  5. Ashley says:

    Love your board!

  6. Love this idea, Erica. You’ve inspired me to make one :)

  7. Yetunde says:

    Love your vision board though I’m more of a list person. I believe writing lists is a critical part of success. Like today, I finally got around to posting what you could call the equivalent of a parenting vision board for the year

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