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Creating a Vision Board for Your Life

With the freshness of the new year, the concept of a vision board popped into my head and I almost instantly wrote down five words that I want to draw into my life.

Coincidentally (or not so coincidentally?), I also happened to be thumbing through some old journals, and I came across the first vision board I ever made—exactly six years ago.

At the time, I had just heard about the concept on Oprah (I miss her), and I was in the middle of the darkest winter of my life. Literally, because the sun forgot about Indiana for at least six months that year, and figuratively, because I was taking my first whirl on the emotional roller coaster I have since become familiar with: pregnancy.

The board couldn’t have been simpler. Just a few symbols in my journal, sketched as if by a 10-year-old.

To find out whether I got what I wanted that winter and to learn why you might want to make a vision board of your own, follow me over to Mom 4 Real in one quick click. (I really love this concept!) Thank you!


  1. Rachel T. says:

    It makes me sad to think of you in that lonely Indianan winter! :( And crazy how different we are in that pregnancy is such a roller coaster of emotions for you. Anyway…I like this vision board idea. I will definitely be thinking about this. (Maybe during postpartum baby blues??)

    1. It IS crazy. You’d think pregnancy experiences would have more to do with genetics than they do! If you get baby blues, this would be the PERFECT activity! I’m sharing more about my most recent one next week on the blog.

      Hope G’s party was fun today!

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