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Grasscloth Roundup

Thank you for your fantastic feedback earlier this week!! I’m feeling good about sticking to what I really care about, which is the thoughtful posts on marriage, motherhood & life, but I’m also glad to hear that most of you don’t mind a little variety too. So in keeping with that, I’ve got a bit of design love for you today!

I’ve had grasscloth on my mind ever since we stayed at the St. Regis in Deer Valley. I tend to think of it in it’s natural color, but lately I’ve been noticing it all over the place in various shades. Aren’t these beautiful?

Grasscloth seems so versatile to me, because it can make a room feel luxurious and a bit formal, but it can also just add some fun texture beneath a gallery wall. Which color is your favorite? I’m leaning toward the pewter in #6.

1. Light green, which almost reads as a neutral in this warm room. via
2. Silver. Love that it has a bit of sheen. via
3. Navy. via
4. Baby blue, which goes so well with that gold mirror. via
5.  Teal. via
6. Pewter! And fabulous wood floors. :) via

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  1. Oooh! I love the drama of #3 and #5. The Pewter is beautiful also! ;)

  2. Ashley Ditto says:

    Beautiful ideas!

  3. Ashleigh says:

    I love how peaceful the room in No. 4 is. But the desk in No. 5 is right up my alley.

    I enjoy your design roundups. You have such great style!

  4. Rachel Hagen says:

    i’m obsessed with grasscloth. these are all so gorgeous.

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