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One Week of Great Hair – Simple Hairstyles for Medium Length

For the last few years, I have worn my hair in three styles:

Curled & down.

Curled and back.

Straight and back.

Then when I get tired of blow drying medium-length hair, I cut it short. Rinse & repeat.

But all of the fun hair tutorials I’ve seen on pinterest inspired me to get a little more creative, so I set out to wear a new hair style every day for one week. They are all pretty simple variations that anyone with fine, medium-length like mine hair could do pretty quickly—and still feel pulled together.

  1. Beachy waves. My normal style are the bouncier curls you see in #5. This time I just made looser curls with the 1-inch straightener I always use, applied hair spray, and then combed out. I really liked the more subtle look.

  2. Twisted and pinned bangs. Low bun with a couple of clear elastics. Headband from H&M.

  3. Curls and and loosely braided & pinned bangs. I do either a twist or a braid for this one.

  4. Updo that started out as an inside-out pony tail (#9 on THIS tutorial). My hair is short enough I could just tuck away the ends with a couple of bobby pins.

  5. Bouncy curls (not combed out) with H&M clip.

  6. Side ponytail and headband from Loft. (I haven’t done a side ponytail since I was a little girl—definitely makes you feel youthful!)

  7. And because every week of great hair comes with at least one goof, below on the left is my attempt at a tutorial, pictured on the right. I love that style, but it is going to take some practice! She makes it look so easy in her video! Check it out HERE. (Kate’s blog is a genuine beauty treasure, by the way!)

I didn’t buy a single new product for this, and I only washed my hair on the days you see it down, so it didn’t take a lot of time either. BUT I was sincerely surprised at how much bouncier I felt every day—not just because I felt pretty, but also because I was proud of myself for stepping out of my box. Even if it is just hair. Sometimes changing up even the smallest of things can breathe fresh air into your life.


  1. Wanda says:

    Hi Erica, I am visiting from Serenity Now and I just love your adorable hair styles. I have been wearing my hair short for awhile and now I want to grow it out so I can style it like your cute styles. I am now your newest follower and look forward to reading your posts. God Bless, Wanda

    1. Thank you, Wanda! I’m tempted to grow mine longer too, so I can do a few more fun things with it. Good luck! :)

  2. Maria says:

    Hi Erica, I’m also visiting from Serenity Now and I love your hair styles, number 4 is my favorite !
    I have long hair and I like to try new hair styles but with two children and a full day I go with the easy way! Pony tails! I am your newest follower!

    1. Thank you, Maria! I really appreciate it! Yes, pony tails are a staple for me too!

  3. Sarah says:

    You have such beautiful hair! My waves are CRAZY to say the least! But I love switching it up too!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Mine is actually dead straight and I think it tends to look a little stringy when I wear it that way, but thankfully, it holds curl really well! You should totally do the One Week of Great Hair! :)

  4. Layla says:

    Love the beach wave!

  5. Paula says:

    Your hair looks super cute in all of your pictures. I definitely need to try to be more adventurous with styling. I’m visiting from Serenity Now and hope you’ll stop by my blog, too. Have a great weekend!

  6. Mary B says:

    Down or pony. That’s my life. Once upon a time I was slightly more adventurous… Time to get back to CUTE! :) I dig 3 & 4. I’m SO impressed that your hair will hold a curl! Thx for the great ideas!

  7. Erica, this is a great idea!! I have thought several times how I have all these cute styles pinned but then never use them! I can commit to doing a new style a day in June (when school ends), but right now I’m so busy. Excuses, excuses!! You are so cute, though, and you are really good at doing these cute do’s!

    1. Definitely do it in June! I’d LOVE to see it! Btw, school is a legit excuse! :)

  8. Tricia says:

    What a fun idea! I don’t think look 7 was a total fail…still looks very sweet and I’m sure you’ll have it perfected soon! :)

  9. Ashley Ditto says:

    Beautiful hair ideas!

  10. Jamie says:

    Wow. Good for you! They are all so pretty!

  11. Super cute! And so inspiring! Of all the things I do not do…my hair is definitely one of them! I really need to make some more effort. All of your styles are very adorable!

  12. me says:

    I love your hair! All of them are so cute.

  13. Jane Ashley says:

    Do you by any chance have a tutorial for the first one with the waves? I try to ‘wave’ my hair with my flat iron, but it just comes out curly and then all ‘melts’ together!
    I love all of these styles though! It’s nice to see some pretty, and easy, hairstyles for short hair like mine.

    1. Hi Jane! I wish I did! If I ever do create one, I will definitely come back to this post and let you know! It’s been too long since I did a fun hair or style feature, so maybe I’ll have to get on that!

      Otherwise, all I can think of to add is that I use my flat iron to curl it, but instead of starting closer to the roots, I would start midway down. Then I spray and loosely brush it out. But if you search for “beachy waves tutorials” on pinterest or even youtube, a bunch come up! I hope you find something that works for you!

      Happy styling! :)

  14. Liz says:

    I should get out of my box and try this/ My hair has been neglected far too long. I also love 7 but it would turn out as a goof for me too!

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